What is IPC?

The Inland Personnel Council (IPC)

The law firm of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud and Romo sponsors the Inland Personnel Council (IPC) in partnership with the Riverside and San Bernardino County Offices of the Superintendents of Schools. It is directed by an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of each County Superintendent, a district Superintendent and a Human Resources administrator from a school district in each county. The IPC provides member districts with legal services, advice and professional development in the areas of employer/employee relations, contract management and collective bargaining. Adjunct services also include legal support for the areas of facilities, student services and special education.

IPC employs a part time Director to facilitate the services provided and organize the “continuing education” opportunities for the human resources professionals in member districts. Meetings, trainings and workshops are scheduled throughout each school year to ensure members are up to date on new laws, legal decisions and any other information that has implications for their work with employee associations.

The IPC schedule includes a Fall Symposium and two General Meetings per year. Both counties host Joint County HR meetings with support provided by IPC as requested. IPC hosts annual Fitness for Duty and Leave of Absence Workshops that are scheduled in the Fall. The two general meetings are held in late January or early February and in May. IPC also schedules two or three Breakfast Briefings during the year on topics of a timely nature to HR professionals. These informative sessions and dates are flexible in order to meet member needs.

As part of the Special Services agreement, IPC works with the two counties to support Boardsmanship opportunities for new and continuing school board members in both counties. Workshops, training, guest speakers or support for School Board Association efforts to provide “professional growth opportunities” for board members is provided.

The law firm also hosts this web site for IPC member districts. It includes announcements of meetings, reference information for Human Resources professionals and information on the status of bargaining for member districts. Every member/client has access to the web site and the ability to enter their district information and to view other districts’ information for comparability purposes.


Office:  (951) 683-1122     |     Website:  http://www.ipclaw.org