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We provide businesses and public agencies with quick updates on legal developments as they happen. These alerts are handy reference guides for staying abreast of current issues impacting your organization.

  • A Double Whammy from NLRB Completely Overhauls How Unions Organize — Is Your Business Up To Speed?
  • California Expands Paid Sick Leave for CertaSchool Employees and Expands Protections to Previously Exempt Employees Covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • California Law Expands Leave Rights for Reproductive Losses
  • California Supreme Court Delivers Major Blow to Use of Arbitration Agreements to Manage PAGA Risks
  • Enhancing Transparency: AB 516’s Annual Developer Fee Reporting and Auditing Changes
  • Governor Signs A.B. 1078, Effective Immediately, to Address Textbooks and Instructional Materials in Public Schools
  • Governor Signs Bill Requiring Detailed Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Legislative Update: New Employment Laws for California
  • National Labor Relations Board Adopts Expansive Test for “Joint-Employer” Status
  • New Federal Laws Expand Rights of Pregnant and Nursing (Lactating) Employees in the Workplace
  • Ninth Circuit Puts An End to California Interference With Employer - Mandated Arbitration Agreements
  • PERB Provides Clarity on Risk for Repeated Labor Violations in Context of Interest Arbitration Bargaining Dispute
  • PERB Provides Guidance on Bargaining Obligations Post-Accretion
  • They Are Final—Davis Bacon Final Rules Are A Game Changer
  • U.S. Supreme Court Raises the Bar for Employers to Deny Religious Accommodations

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